If I Perform My Own Songs, Do I Need to Add Release Information?

Yes! The more information we have, the better.

Even if you are the songwriter and the only performer of your songs, including release and recording information with your song registrations is still extremely helpful when it comes time to locate and collect your royalties globally. These additional details – like ISRC information– help collection societies match your songs to the royalties they have generated.

If you distribute your music through an online service like CD Baby – rather than being released on a third-party record label – you will still be assigned an ISRC and some other helpful details. Make sure to add this information to as many tracks as possible within your Songtrust account. You can do this by clicking "Add a Recording" next to each title via the SONGS page within your Songtrust account. This is an important step to gather data crucial for tracking and collecting royalties owed to you.

Please note that Songtrust is unable to assist in locating your ISRCs since we are not a distributor. If you are unsure of what your ISRC is please check with your distributor/aggregator, as they are the ones who assign this code to your recordings. In addition, you can also check SoundExchange public ISRC database as well.

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 Be sure to add these to all songs you register!