How Much Can I Expect to Earn in Song Royalties?

Multiple factors determine your earnings.

The amount of royalties you earn will depend on many different factors. Songtrust is not able to offer detailed royalty estimates, but you can use our Royalty Estimator tool to estimate potential streaming royalties. And you can track projected earnings quarter by quarter in your account’s royalty reports. Your earnings will vary with details such as: 

  • Use of your music in a radio or TV broadcast (including advertisements)

  • Streaming on such major platforms as Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music

  • Physical and digital sales of your music, both domestic and abroad 

  • The territories in which your music is used (copyright laws and rates vary)

  • Global performances, which typically pay more outside the U.S. 

If your songs aren't being meaningfully used in any of the above mediums, no royalties should be expected. Remember: Joining Songtrust does not guarantee a big payday. Your hard-earned work does.

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