How Many Songs Can I Register With Songtrust?

You can - and should - register your whole catalog.

Songtrust is able to monitor and administer all kinds of catalogs, ranging in size from a single track to hundreds of titles. You can add an unlimited number of new songs in your account. Once they have accrued royalties that are ready for collection, we’ll make sure they’re registered at your Performing Rights Organization (PRO) and other societies we deal with directly around the world.

One caveat: while you can add songs to your account before they’re released, it’s best to wait until your release is scheduled and you’ve received an ISRC from your distributor. That way, you don’t have to wait to log back in and add the ISRC later on.

Please check out our demo video if you need any assistance with submitting a new song to your account, or contact us if you have any other questions. 


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