How Far Back Can You Collect My Royalties?

It depends on past deals and individual societies.

Most of the collection societies and other pay sources that we collect from are able to collect royalties as far back as two or three years. Some more, some less. We make no guarantees about retroactive payouts, however, as they depend on individual societies and any deals you may have struck with publishers in the past. 

The most surefire way to earn retroactive royalties is to add all of your titles on Songtrust with the correct co-writers and splits, along with any related ISRC/recording information.

If we successfully collect your retroactive royalties, this payment will most likely come two or three quarters after your first royalty statement from Songtrust. For example, if your first royalty statement from Songtrust was in the first quarter, then you can expect to see retroactive money start coming in during the second and third quarter of the same year.

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