How Do I Submit a Setlist Through BMI?

Find out how to navigate BMI Live.

If you are a member of BMI, you will be directed to BMI Live when adding a setlist to your account.

What is BMI Live?

BMI Live allows performing songwriters who have set up direct deposit to report up to six months of their performance setlists to be considered for payment. Songwriters may input their tour information at their convenience for concerts from the previous six months and receive these royalty payments quarterly. This program is open to all BMI members.

How can I use BMI to submit my setlists for performances in the United States?

Step 1 : Log In to your BMI member account.

Step 2 : Navigate to the BMI Live portal from the applications section of your BMI portal in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Step 3 : Choose ‘Add a Performance’ in the right hand corner of the portal.

Step 4 : Fill out the prompted information about the performance (venue, attendees, etc).

Step 5 : Enter the Set List performed. You should enter all original songs performeed, as well as any songs you covered. Each set list you make can be saved for easy entry in the future.

Step 6 : Submit and get paid!

Below is the payment schedule for BMI Live.

payment schedule for BMI Live