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How Do I Submit a Setlist in the USA if I Am Not Affiliated with a US-Based Performing Rights Organization?

Submitting setlists for US-based PROs as an International Writer

If you are not affiliated with a US-based Performing Rights Organization (ASCAP or BMI) you must submit any setlists for shows performed in America directly through your home society.

This is because ASCAP and BMI only accept international claims for live US-based performances when they come directly from foreign PROs. These performances are typically referred to as Live Pop International Claims. Once ASCAP/BMI receives a claim from a non-US writer, they then manually create a work registration in order to collect any performance money that would have accrued in the US. After they're collected, they will pay out that money to whatever society that writer happens to be affiliated with.

So, for example, if you are affiliated with BUMA in the Netherlands, and you performed a show in the United States, you need to submit this list to BUMA, who then will submit it directly to ASCAP, and then ASCAP will pay any royalties generated back to BUMA who then will allocate it back to you.