How do I know if my tax documentation/payment method are set up for payouts?

Confirm if you're payable for each quarter's payout by checking the following statuses.

The Payment & Tax section of your account will always be able to confirm whether you are payable or not. To navigate to this section, you will go to Hi, [Name]--> Payment & Tax.

You will be considered payable for each quarterly royalty payout if your payment method is set to Active and your tax form is listed as Reviewed.


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Songtrust pays out each quarter's earnings at the end of the following quarter in a set schedule. As an example, if you earned royalties in Q2 (April - June), you'll be paid out at the end of Q3 (September). A few more things to keep in mind and to review on your own account:
1. Tax Information: Songtrust is only authorized to payout clients who have a completed, accurate tax document uploaded into their account. You can check this if you go to Hi, (Your Name) > Payment & Tax Information in your account.
2. Payout Minimum: A payout will occur when your earnings meet a threshold of $25. Any payments below the threshold will be distributed in a future payment once the threshold has been met.
3. Payments: Your royalties will be paid out to you during our quarterly schedule if you have set up your preferred payout method in our Payment & Tax Information section in your account. You'll receive an email notification when our quarterly distribution happens and it'll give you a timeline of when your royalties should arrive based on your payment method.