Does Songtrust Replace My Performing Rights Organization?

From ASCAP to SESAC, PROs play a vital role in collecting royalties.

All songwriters must be registered with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) in order to receive their writer share of performance royalties. Songtrust does not oversee this part of the royalty collection process; it handles the publisher’s share, which opts you into the international collection of performance and mechanical royalties.

If you’re not already affiliated with a PRO, you can register with one directly through your Songtrust account. All fees are included in your current plan.

If you’re already affiliated with ASCAP, BMI, PRS, SOCAN, IMRO, or any other PRO, Songtrust can administer as much or as little of your music as you wish. We will help you manage your current PRO catalog, act as a one-stop registration hub for your works, and identify sources of additional income through global and mechanical royalties.


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