Does Songtrust Collect Royalties on Prior Sync Deals?

It depends on when the previous sync deal occurred.

Songtrust can only track royalties for sync placements that occur within our term of agreement. That means we are unable to track royalties for any sync that was licensed or aired before you signed up.

Two revenue types are collected from synchronization deals. The license fee is the initial payment to use the song, and additional backend royalties are earned when the song’s usage is tracked and monetized. Songtrust collects backend royalties from any past sync deals that result in continued use, and distributes them as part of your quarterly royalty statement. 

Your Songtrust agreement is non-exclusive with regards to synchronization royalties. This means that you can procure and process sync licenses through your own connections or third party service. You can even enter an exclusive creative deal with an outside company so long as they do not ask for any publishing rights.


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