Do You Collect Royalties from Songs Already Registered with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO)?

We take care of the publisher’s share.

Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) like ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SOCAN collect performance royalties. These royalties are divided in half between the publisher share and the writer share

Upon registration with Songtrust, you will be asked if you are already affiliated with a PRO. If you confirm that you are, Songtrust will generate a Letter of Direction (LOD) and send it to your PRO, informing them that Songtrust is now collecting the publisher share of your performance royalties on your behalf. Your PRO will continue to pay your writer share directly to you. 

Please note that we receive the publisher’s share payment for each quarter at the same time you receive the writer share. We process that payment and pay it out to you the following quarter, putting us one quarter behind your PRO. If you're seeing payments that don't add up, it’s likely because you haven’t received your publisher share yet.


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