Do I Have to do Anything With My Performing Rights Organization (PRO) Anymore?

Yes - Your PRO still handles your writer's share of performance royalties. We got everything else covered, though!

Songtrust takes care of registration and collection, not only with your Performing Rights Organization (PRO), but also from our 60+ global sources that cover 98% of the world’s music market for you. We maintain your registrations and collect your publishing royalties. You will only need to use the Songtrust platform to handle all of your publishing needs.

However, you will still have access to your member account at your PRO, as they will continue to pay you your writer's share of royalties directly (the publishing portion will now come through Songtrust) but it is no longer necessary that you register your songs with your PRO. Instead, just add new songs into your Songtrust account, and we will then register them with the various societies we work with globally (including your own PRO) on your behalf.


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