Can Recording Artists Get Mechanical Licenses Directly From Songtrust?

Well, it depends on where that recording will be released.

We are able to issue mechanical licenses directly to anyone who wants to record and release your original copyrighted work in the United States and Canada, only. If you are looking to release a recording of someone else's work outside of the United States, you must acquire a mechanical license at the local mechanical society directly. If you are with a label or distributor, they often handle this for you so check with them first before making acquiring about one directly with the local Mechanical Society.

Below is a list of Mechanical Societies globally:

Australia - AMCOS
Belgium - SABAM
Brazil - UBC
Canada - CMRRA
France - SACEM
Germany - GEMA
Mexico - SACM
Netherlands - STEMRA
Ireland - MCPS (Ireland)
Italy - SIAE
Japan - JASRAC
Portugal - SPA
Scandinavia - NCB
South Africa - CAPASSO
Spain - SGAE
Switzerland - SUISA
UK - MCPS (part of PRS for Music)

If anyone would like to get a mechanical license for your music to release in the United States, please email

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