Can I Use Songtrust if I Am From Greece?

Yes, Songtrust is available for Greece.

As you may know, the Greek Performing Rights Organization AEPI went out of business and was taken over by the Greek government. To use Songtrust as a Greek songwriter, you must either be an existing AEPI member (now controlled by the Greek government) or join the newer Greek society AUTODIA.

Please note that we do encourage existing AEPI members to opt-out of the government program and join AUTODIA. Once that is done, you will then need to add yourself as an "already affiliated" songwriter from within your Songtrust account and select AUTODIA as your society. Then, you will be able to register your songs in your Songtrust account, and we will register your songs for direct collection at AUTODIA, as well as globally for royalty collection outside of Greece.


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