2. Collection Partners/Pay Sources
  3. Performance Rights Organizations & Collective Management Organizations (PROs/CMOs)

Can I Submit My Setlists to My PRO Through My Songtrust Account?

Yes - you generally have six months after a performance to do so.

Whenever you perform a song live, you are entitled to royalties through your Performing Rights Organization (PRO). It's easy to keep track of every show with our setlist submission tool. You can find it in the upper right hand side of your Songtrust dashboard, and share where your performances were along with any other details. 

Our tool saves copies of every setlist, so you can easily resubmit a recent gig without having to reenter all the information.

After you submit your setlist, in addition to sending it to the local collection society where the performance took place, we search YouTube for potential live clips. When we find a match, you'll earn royalties every time it's viewed.


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