2. Collection Partners/Pay Sources
  3. Performance Rights Organizations & Collective Management Organizations (PROs/CMOs)

Can I Submit My Setlists to My PRO Through My Songtrust Account?

Please submit setlist through your home PRO/CMO - you generally have six months after a performance to do so.

After much consideration and discussion with our many PRO/CMO memberships, we kindly ask that you submit setlists directly through your home society rather than through Songtrust. There is no one standardized list of requirements for submitting setlists and it can totally depend on the territory the performance took place in and that specific pay source’s requirements. 

To help streamline the process for our clients, you will now navigate to your PRO/CMO portal to directly submit setlists. The process for registering a setlist is fairly simple and requirements can be found on your PRO/CMO’s website. You can use our Collection Society Database to find your society’s information if you’re unsure where to start. We are confident that this move will be a more effective way for our clients to collect their performance royalties from their setlists while we focus all of our efforts on your publishing!

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