Can My Band Join Songtrust?

Anything is possible with our Access feature.

Songtrust is perfect for bands of any size. All you have to do is set up a shareable account through our Access feature. 

Here’s how it works: Head over to your online dashboard and you can invite anyone who needs to view and/or edit your account to an “Access” membership. Make sure to specify which songwriter(s) they need access to. If your invitee is already a Songtrust client, their existing account will be able to dive right into that writer’s details.

This means band members can have individual accounts, including separate payments, along with an organized space for band matters, including the ability to register each member’s share at once - rather than multiple times in separate accounts. In addition to separate payments, members are also able to register their other projects separately from the rest of the group.

When handing over the keys to your account, you can let someone view read-only versions of songwriter information, royalty reports, and song/split details, or allow them full access to everything, including the ability to add or remove songs.

To learn more about how Access works, please check out this overview.


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