Can I Join Songtrust as a Band?

Absolutely - use our Access feature!

Songtrust is perfect for bands of any size. You can use our Access feature to set this up.

Access is a feature on Songtrust’s online dashboard that allows one account to be shared or “accessed” across multiple user accounts.

This means that you can invite a person via email to join Songtrust and specify which songwriters they can view or have full account access to. If the invited person is already a Songtrust client, their existing account will be granted access to that writer’s account.

For bands, this means band members can have their individual accounts, and also have a collective band account that brings them together into one place.

Individual band members can receive separate payments for their shares directly, as well as register works they may write outside of the band, but also have a collective band account to manage band works in one place.

There are two ways to grant access to another person's account:

Read-Only: Allow others to view only

  • Songwriter information
  • Royalty report
  • Songs and split information

Full Access: Allow others to view and edit

  • Songwriter information
  • Royalty report
  • Songs and split information
  • Add or remove songs

To learn how to use Access, please watch our video tutorial on How To Use the Access Feature.


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