Can I Exclude BMI From My Songtrust Agreement Since They Payout Publishers Share Directly to Their Writers Anyways?

For BMI songwriters

Unfortunately there is no way for us to exclude BMI from your agreement with us. However, the 15% we take from your publisher's share of your performance royalties at BMI are more than recouped by the various opportunities we provide you. 

Songtrust collects your global performance, mechanical and microsync royalties. Streamlining all of your global royalties through Songtrust is far more efficient than trying to work with each society directly yourself, which means you will earn more money overall.

More directly, because we also assist in collecting your publishing share ex-US at source, we insure accurate global registration of your songs at all societies, collect the money immediately upon distribution from those societies and pay it to you without any inter-society dedications.  

Lastly, we're also in regular touch with BMI in the event there are any issues with your registrations - we will advocate and handle this for you  whereas as an individual your requests are not prioritized.