Can I Access the PRO Application Through My Account on the Songtrust Site?

Sign up with a PRO through Songtrust.

Yes! Songtrust can help you affiliate with either ASCAP, BMI, or SOCAN and IMRO directly through your Songtrust account.

You can find this application by following these steps :

  1. Log into your Songtrust account.
  2. Go the 'Menu'
  3. Click 'Add Songwriter'
  4. Choose 'No, they need to affiliate'
  5. Select Country
  6. Choose one of the PRO's that is offered
  7. Fill out required fields.
  8. Click 'Add Songwriter'

This video shows you how to add a songwriter into your account.

Note: For our songwriters who are non-US/Canadian citizens, we currently only offer IMRO as an option. However, if you would rather affiliate with a different PRO, you can do so separately and then send us your IPI#. We will make sure to get you set up.