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Are There Any Performances That I Can Not Submit To BMI Live?

There are certain restrictions on what kind of performances can be submitted for royalty payment.

To be eligible for royalty payments under the BMI Live program, a performance must be considered a “public performance” that is covered by existing BMI licenses. You can learn how to submit your set lists as a BMI member here.

Non-eligible performances which will not be considered for royalty payment include, but are not limited to:

  1. Wedding receptions, Birthday parties, Anniversary parties, etc.
  2. Internet Performances
  3. Performances during Religious services.
    Note: Performances at church events that are outside of “normal church service times” are eligible for royalty payments.
  4. Face-to-face teaching activities at educational institutions.
  5. Performances to students in elementary schools.
  6. State or County fairs.
  7. Private house concerts.
  8. Performances not authorized by city permit in parks or public areas. (This includes street performances).
  9. Live Classical music performances.
    Note: Classical music performances are included in a separate royalty distribution.
  10. Performances of public domain music (including the National Anthem at events.)
  11. Live radio or TV performances.
    Note: Live radio or TV performances are included in a separate royalty distribution.
  12. Amusement Park performances at Disney Parks, Universal Parks & Dollywood Themepark.