A Song I Co-Wrote is in My PRO Account, but I am not Listed as a Co-writer. How can I get added and begin Collecting Royalties ?

Correcting song splits

The reason you are not listed as a writer is most likely due to your co-writer registering that song with their publisher, so they can begin collecting their share. In order for you to begin collecting your share of the royalties for that same song, you also need to register this song with your own publisher.

Once you register a song into your Songtrust account, we will make sure that you get listed as a co-writer for this song at your Performing Rights Organization (PRO) and receive the royalties that you are due. Most societies will payout retroactive royalties for up to three years, so even though you may not have been collecting royalties for this work when your co-writer first registered it, this does not mean you cannot still get these royalties!

Please note that the process to register songs within your Songtrust account that have previously been registered with your PRO already by other writers is exactly the same as if you were registering a new song. All you need to do is enter in the song title, the co-writers and correct splits as well as any ISRC information.


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