What's the Difference Between Songtrust and The Administration MP?

Songtrust is the premier music publishing administrator.

Songtrust is a global publishing administrator that collects performance, mechanical, and YouTube composition royalties, and offers a suite of other advanced tools for handling your publishing catalog. We have an extensive global reach, with direct relationships to collection societies in 150+ international territories.

The Administration MP is also a publishing administration service that collects performance and mechanical royalties, though they don't disclose their global reach, making it unclear which territories they collect from. They require an application submission in order to sign up with them, whereas anyone can become a member of Songtrust. 


  • Pricing: One-time, $100 registration fee. You keep 85% of publishing royalties earned around the world.
  • Royalty Collection Reach: 150+ countries and territories around the world, the largest collection network in the industry.
  • Royalty Types: Mechanical and performance.
  • Barrier to Entry: None - anyone who has released music can become a client of Songtrust. 
  • Collects from YouTube: Yes.
  • Minimum Term Length: One year.
The Administration MP: 
    • Pricing: They keep 20% on domestic US royalties collected and 25% for international royalties.
  • Royalty Collection Reach: Undisclosed
  • Royalty Types: Mechanical and performance.
  • Barrier to Entry: Application required.
  • Collects from YouTube: Yes.
  • Minimum Term Length: Four Years.


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