What's the Difference Between Songtrust and CD Baby Pro Publishing?

Songtrust is a 1-stop shop for global publishing administration.

Songtrust is a global publishing administrator that collects your performance, mechanical, and YouTube composition royalties, and offers a suite of other advanced tools for handling your publishing catalog. Songtrust's main focus is the registration and collection of publishing royalties.

CD Baby is, first-and-foremost, a distribution service that also offers additional publishing services for clients who sign up for CD Baby Pro. The main difference is that CD Baby requires you to use their distribution services in order to get publishing administration, whereas Songtrust does not offer distribution services. 

Fun fact: Songtrust is CD Baby's partner in publishing administration. This means that Songtrust works together with CD Baby to offer the CD Baby Pro service (Please note that, as a result of this partnership, some pay sources or collection societies outside the U.S. may list Songtrust instead of CD Baby as the publishing administrator). 

While Songtrust and CD Baby Pro are partners, these are separate publishing companies and songwriters may only register songs in either Songtrust or CD Baby Pro, but never both (doing so would send those songs into publishing conflict, thus freezing your royalty collection). 


  • Pricing: One-time, $100 registration fee. You keep 85% of publishing royalties (we take a 15% administration fee) earned around the world.
  • Royalty Collection Reach: 215+ countries and territories around the world, the largest collection network in the industry
  • Royalty Types: Mechanical, performance, and micro-sync
  • Barrier to Entry: None - anyone who has released music can become a client of Songtrust. 
  • Collects from YouTube: Yes.
  • Minimum Term Length: One year.
CD Baby Pro: 
  • Pricing: You must sign up for their ‘Pro’ services to access their music publishing administration offering. It is $29.95/Single or $55.20/album, which includes distribution and publishing administration. They keep 15% on royalty earnings, leaving you with 85% of your publishing royalties. 
  • Royalty Collection Reach: 120 territories.
  • Royalty Types: Mechanical and performance.
  • Barrier to Entry: None, but you must use their distribution services to access their music publishing administration.
  • Collects from YouTube: Yes.
  • Minimum Term Length: One year.


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