If My Co-writer and I are both with Songtrust, Do I still need to add the Songs We Co-Wrote into My Account if the Songs are Already in Theirs?

Our Access feature can help.

Yes - you must still register this work within your own Songtrust account, regardless if it has already been registered in another ST account. When we send out songs for registration, it is not only to just register the song with Performing Rights Organizations (PROs), but also to claim it as your publishing administrator so we can begin collecting royalties for the work on your behalf. If you do not add the song into your Songtrust account, there is no way for us to know that we need to claim it on your behalf. Just because your co-writer registered this work in their account, it does not always mean that the other co-writers also want us to administer their shares. So, if you also want us to claim the work on behalf of yourself, you must add it into your own account.

Sometimes co-writers make separate accounts, but realize that they want to use just one account. In fact, we highly encourage that co-writers share one Songtrust account, which you can do using our "Access" feature.

The Access feature allows users to share songwriters, invite managers, lawyers, or publishers into their account, and even allows bands to have a collective band account. To learn more about Access, please watch our tutorial on How To Use the "Access" Feature.


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