Our YouTube Monitor is a tool that searches YouTube for videos that it thinks are using your music, including live and cover versions (which Content ID might not always find and claim automatically). The "Potential Claims" queue in your YouTube Monitor is where you can review the videos our system has found and decide which ones to claim. In order for that queue to populate, make sure you add recordings to your songs, and mark them as "significant." You can do this within each individual song's page. It will take a few days for our system to search YouTube and start bringing in videos.

*Please note that we will only deliver works to YouTube where we have an ISRC, so make sure to add recordings to all of your songs that you want monetized on YouTube.

Once the queue is populated, you can review the videos and choose which videos to claim. The more you use it, the smarter it gets and the more relevant results in brings in. You can also add search terms to the YouTube Monitor to further guide our system to the most relevant videos. If you know of a specific video you want to claim, you can submit the link in the "Manual Claims" tab.

When you submit claims via Potential Claims or Manual Claims, the videos go into a queue to be reviewed by our team.  When a video has been successfully claimed in YouTube's Content Management System, it will appear in the "All Claims" section of your YouTube Monitor. Please note that we can only claim and monetize videos that are eligible for monetization under YouTube's requirements.

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