If you get an offer for a publishing deal during your term with Songtrust, we will honor a "letter of direction" and remit all funds to your new publisher during the remainder of our term (which would be typical in the case of an advance or an acquisition - publishers are used to dealing with this). If your lawyer is savvy, they will make sure that these monies are treated at source and not double fee'd upon. This means you will recoup your advance faster.

Additionally, you'll still be getting your money at our low 15% fee from the vast network of affiliations we have around the world until your new publisher registers the songs there, which depending on the country can take 3 months, a few years, or in many cases never if they are not affiliated.

We will also send a letter of relinquishment with our date of termination and post-term exploitation period to PROs and quickly respond to the inquires regarding any transfer of administration.

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