We charge $100 up front per writer to cover set-up and administrative costs. We also take a 15% commission on any royalties that we collect on your behalf. (We only collect your 'publisher's share' -- you would receive your 'writer's share' directly from your PRO.) 

The only other cost is for song credits. Your account starts with 50 song credits for free. Transferring titles using our transfer tool does not affect your credit count. If you need more than 50 credits, we charge 10$ per 10 songs going forward. If you are registering a catalog of hundreds or thousands of works, please contact us. We may discount your song credit fees.

If you are adding 5 or more writers at once or an exceptional earner, we are able to offer discounted rates as well. Please contact us at sales@songtrust.com for discount inquiries.

You can sign up for Songtrust here!

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