When you create an account, you receive the following:
 - The ability to register your songs and collect your publishing royalties globally and directly.
 - 1 songwriter credit
 - 50 song credits
 - Access to a direct chatbox with our Songtrust Support Team
 - Free affiliation for your writer(s)
 - ISRC Claiming tools
 - YouTube Claming tools
 - Royalty Reporting
 - Live Setlist Submission Tools
 - And more!
 Going forward, additional Songtrust songwriters cost $100 each. Outside writers, or cowriters who you won't be collecting for, are free to add to your account.
 If you use more than 50 song credits, they are $10 for 10 songs going forward. (Song credits are not used if you are transferring previously registered songs using our back-catalog transfer tool.)

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