Songtrust is offering the most flexible and writer-friendly deal available.
 You can choose to add your catalog on a song-by-song basis, although we do recommend adding as many songs as you can.
 The term is 1-year because it often takes close to a year to globally register and collect on a catalog. This term auto-renews, so you don't have to do anything to continue collecting with Songtrust.
 You can cancel at any time, and we will actively relinquish your catalog and assist you in transferring to another publisher. We actually encourage our clients to shop around for larger, more traditional publishing deals that might help you with more creative aspects, like pitching or promotion.
 Lastly, we have a 1-year post-term collection period. This just means that payments often come in after the term has ended for streams/usage that occurred during the time of the agreement. We will collect only for the time that you were using Songtrust.
 Sometimes payments come in after our term. This is not because we are still claiming, but because companies do not know who else to pay. We are sure to reach out and let you know. In effect, this is a great way to hold your new publisher accountable for fully registering and collecting on your catalog.
 We have an extensive explanation of our terms of service on our sign up page here. Just click 'terms of service' at the bottom.

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