The amount of royalties you make will depend on a multitude of factors. Songtrust is not able to offer royalty estimates, however you can see projected earnings (if there are any) in your royalty reports in your Songtrust account.
 Royalty amounts depend on factors such as:
 - Use of your music in broadcast (e.g. In rotation on major radio stations, TV shows, and advertisements.)
 - Streaming on platforms such as Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music (If you have <10,000 streams, streaming royalties will likely be more. Spotify estimates that they pay out approx. $0.007 per stream to rights holders, which includes master owners.)
 - Sales of your music overseas (e.g. iTunes)
 - Whether/where your music is being performed live (International shows will pay more for live performances than shows within the US.)
 - The territories in which your music is used (Different territories have different copyright laws and rates.)
 If your songs aren't being meaningfully used (TV, radio, online, etc), no royalties should be expected. Joining Songtrust in no way guarantees that you will be collecting royalties.

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