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What data will show in my reports?

Last Updated: May 18, 2016 05:56PM EDT

Songtrust offers one of the most advanced and detailed royalty reports in publishing. After all, you deserve to know where and when your royalties are coming from!  This video will give you an overview of how the royalty reports work.

Our reports show you:
- Total earnings
- Estimated earnings (for the next quarter)
- Quarter-by-quarter earnings
- Song-by-song earnings
- Territory-by-territory earnings
- Society-by-society earnings
- Earnings by royalty type 
- Highest earning songs (historically)
- Global interactive map

We're always adding new features, so keep checking back in!

Also, you can get watch this YouTube Demo of our royalty reports.

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  • Songtrust gives music makers the easiest way to get paid publishing royalties from the US and abroad.

    We help bands and songwriters register their songs with agencies around the world to collect royalties generated from their songs being played on-air, online, on TV and many other places.

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