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Can I join if I'm not affiliated with ASCAP, BMI or SESAC?

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2017 05:26PM EST

Yes! Many songwriters still need to take the important step of affiliating with a Performing Rights Organization for the first time. Songtrust makes that process easy.

Upon sign up with Songtrust, you will be asked to choose a PRO (BMI or ASCAP for US citizens/residents, or SOCAN -- the Canadian society -- for non-US citizens/residents). From there, you'll complete an online registration form and we'll handle the rest. Even better, any affiliation fees are included in your plan. (Check out this video to see this process in more detail.)

Songtrust acts as your publishing administrator, meaning we are complimentary to your new PRO affiliation – we are not a substitute. Importantly, this means that you can register songs with your PRO via our online service!

Once you're a Songtrust client, the publisher's share of any performance royalties will be first sent to Songtrust by your PRO. We then combine this with any other royalties (e.g. mechanicals) and distribute to you in one payment (minus our 15% cut).

Note: the writer's share of public performance royalties will always be sent to you directly by your PRO.

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