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Can I join as a manager / lawyer / label / publisher?

Last Updated: May 18, 2016 05:51PM EDT

Songtrust was built to help anyone who manages songwriters. Songtrust allows for seamless worldwide royalty collection for multiple songwriters from one account. Account managers can track and filter earnings for each of their songwriters using our user-friendly dashboard. 

Managers & Lawyers: Let Songtrust take care of all the publishing administration needs for as many of your songwriter clients as you want.

Labels: We work with many record labels to collect royalties for the songwriters on their roster. 

Publishers: Affiliating with societies worldwide takes years and thousands of dollars in application and legal fees. You'll also need to hire an admin team to register, collect, and report royalties. Songtrust allows you to skip all of these steps and manage everything online.

Check out this YouTube Demo of managing songwriters with Songtrust.
Also check out this YouTube Demo of our royalty reports.


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  • Songtrust gives music makers the easiest way to get paid publishing royalties from the US and abroad.

    We help bands and songwriters register their songs with agencies around the world to collect royalties generated from their songs being played on-air, online, on TV and many other places.

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