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Can Songtrust collect my YouTube royalties?

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2017 05:23PM EDT

When you create a Songtrust account, Songtrust provides a 'feed' of videos that may or may not contain your composition. We identify this third-party-content using key words that you can manage that identify your catalog. You then have the ability to 'assert' claims on videos that are using your composition. These claims are monitored and validated by the Songtrust team.

Songtrust can claim and monetize user-generated content on YouTube on behalf of the composition only (your publishing ownership). For example, if your song is used in a video, Songtrust can claim the 'embedded composition asset' within that video. This doesn't create any conflict with the video owners, unless they are claiming your publishing rights.

Please keep in mind that if the video is on your own channel, you may be able to monetize it yourself. You can 'opt' your channel out of Songtrust claims. We can still claim any videos on other users' channels, provided that they do not have a proper agreement with you in place.

Songtrust is able to collect in the most territories from YouTube, so we highly recommend 'opting in' when you create your account.

If you have specific preferences on which videos you do and do not want to claim, just send us a message in the chatbox on your Songtrust account.

Click here to get more details about Songtrust's YouTube administration.


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