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How does Songtrust work?

Last Updated: Mar 09, 2017 10:26AM EST
Songtrust provides professional royalty collection services to independent and unpublished songwriters. We act as a publishing administrator for our clients, meaning we can register songs and collect royalties on their behalf without owning any percentage of their copyrights.  Using our seamless online service, you register songs with multiple agencies all over the globe – and will only need to do this one time per song! With Songtrust as your administrator, your works will be connected to Performing Rights Organizations, as well as mechanical licensing agents internationally.

Songwriters who sign up for Songtrust can affiliate with a Performing Rights Organization through us--if they're not already affiliated--and begin registering their songs.  Songtrust then registers those songs with 40+ performance and mechanical collection societies worldwide in order to collect royalties generated from sales, streams, radio play, live performances, television broadcasts, etc.

If a songwriter is already affiliated with a PRO, they can transfer any songs already registered with that PRO to their agreement with Songtrust--Songtrust will send a Letter of Direction to the appropriate PRO informing them that we will be administering those songs on the writer's behalf.  Your agreement with Songtrust is on a song-by-song basis, so you can choose which songs you'd like us to administer on your behalf.  We will then register those songs with the other societies worldwide.  If the writer also has a publishing entity with their PRO, Songtrust can collect royalties on behalf of that entity.

PRO applications, letters of direction, and songs are reviewed and sent out within a few weeks.  The various societies process the registrations at different rates, and pay royalties out on varying timelines, so it typically takes 6-9 months before writers see their first royalty statement.  After the initial statement, as long as the writer meets the $5 minimum, they'll be paid by us quarterly.  Songtrust takes a 15% commission on all royalties collected, but 0% of the writer's copyright.  Songtrust also does not take any percentage of sync licensing fees procured by our clients (although we can negotiate sync fees on writers' behalves if needed for a fee).

Songwriters can also use Songtrust to register setlists from live performances worldwide in order to collect royalties from those performances.  Writers can also opt-in to our YouTube Monitor, which allows us to claim and monetize user-generated content on YouTube that uses our clients' music.

This YouTube playlist will walk you through setting up your Songtrust account.


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  • Songtrust gives music makers the easiest way to get paid publishing royalties from the US and abroad.

    We help bands and songwriters register their songs with agencies around the world to collect royalties generated from their songs being played on-air, online, on TV and many other places.

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