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Why is Songtrust claiming YouTube videos on my channel?

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2015 05:27PM EDT
Songtrust will claim all uses of your music that we can find unless directed otherwise. You can indicate which videos you want Songtrust to claim through our dashboard. Songtrust's Youtube Monitor will also automatically socur Youtube for new videos that might contain your music. The more you use the system the better the monitor will be at knowing where you music might be used, for example it will learn where you may have played a show or which artists are covering your songs. If you do not want Songtrust to claim videos on your channel, please make sure to add your correct Channel ID to Songtrust's YouTube Monitor's Channel Settings section. Your YouTube channel's Channel ID (not to be confused with your user name) can found by going to the Advanced section of the Settings page of your YouTube channel.

Please refer to this article of the YouTube help section to find your unique Channel ID.

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