Whenever your song is used, say, on a broadcast TV commercial, you should be receiving writer royalties -paid directly to you by your PRO (ASCAP, BMI or SEAC) as well as publisher royalties for the use. Oftentimes, a songwriter may be properly set up to receive writer royalties for usage of their music, but the publishing side gets overlooked. This is where Songtrust comes in.
 Songtrust acts as your publishing administrator, making sure you’re getting paid 100% for what you’re owed in publishing royalties. You would still receive 100% of your writer royalties directly from the PRO.

We also register your songs with all of the appropriate royalty collection agencies including:

  • The Harry Fox Agency: they collect mechanical royalties when your song is sold on an album; interactive streaming royalties from music services like YouTube, Spotify
  • Music Reports: they collect digital performance royalties from online services such as Myspace, Rdio and Slacker Radio
  • Over 50 collection agencies internationally to collect royalties owed to you from international use

These royalty streams are entirely separate from the royalties paid out by the PROs, which is why Songtrust is perfect for songwriters irrespective of their current affiliation with a PRO. When you join Songtrust as a PRO affiliate, we will simply need a Letter of Direction to let your PRO know that we will be collecting on your behalf.

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