If you have entered a previous deal regarding your publishing rights, this may cause conflict with Songtrust.
 If you are using Audiam--This may conflict because they collect mechanical royalties and offer YouTube administration. Songtrust collects mechanicals, offers YouTube administration, and  handles your performance royalty collection. If you want to transfer to Songtrust, contact Audiam to cancel/relinqusih, and forward along the terms of your cancellation/relinquishment in the chatbox on your Songtrust account.
 We believe that we provide the most advanced and accurate YouTube publishing administration for songwriters. We access the most territories. We also provide a feed of videos that help you identify content that contains your compositions, and allow you to assert claims. Switching to Songtrust for comprehensive royalty collection (including YouTube) is the best way to ensure that all of your music publishing royalties are collected worldwide.
 For more information about our YouTube services, check out our 1-sheet here:
 Songtrust YouTube 1-sheet

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