It is important to know that there are two types of ownership when it comes to music--the 'recording' / 'master' side, and the 'composition' / 'publishing' side. Traditionally this is broken up by labels (recording), and publishers (composition). However things have changed, and independent creators can now handle both types of ownership in many different ways.
 Labels and Distributors like Distrokid and CDBaby handle the distribution of your music, placing your music in stores like Spotify, iTunes, etc. In general, distributors will pay you royalties from your ownership of the recording. Unless you enter a publishing agreement with your distributor, you are likely not collecting your royalties from the ownership of your composition, in other words your music publishing royalties.
 Songtrust is not a distributor. Songtrust is a publishing administrator. We are a 1-stop-shop for collecting on all of your publishing rights. So, using a distributor to collect from your 'recording' ownership and using Songtrust to collect from your 'composition' ownership will cover all of your royalty collection needs.

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