If your work is licensed for use in an audiovisual work, we submit this information to societies to collect performing rights royalties. 

If your sync license with a production company contains conditions regarding performing rights royalty collection, we may review the license to verify your eligibility.

What we generally require to submit Audiovisual uses:

  • Title of Song
  • Way in which the music was performed (Visual Instrumental, Vocal, Background Instrumental, Background Vocal)
  • Duration of performance (amount of time song is included)
  • Territory in which it is performed, such as US/Canada, Worldwide (some territories require additional information)
  • Cue Sheet (without a cue sheet, we cannot guarantee that your performance will be identified to receive royalties)
  • Production Company Contract (not required, but encouraged)

Please send this information  with subject line "Audiovisual Notification" to help@songtrust.com

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