When you create an account, you receive the following:
The ability to register your songs and collect your publishing royalties globally and       directly.
1 songwriter credit
50 song credits
Access to a direct chatbox with our Songtrust Support Team
Free affiliation for your writer(s)
ISRC Claiming tools
YouTube Claming tools
Royalty Reporting
Live Setlist Submission Tools
And more!
Going forward, additional Songtrust songwriters cost $100 each. Outside writers, or cowriters who you won't be collecting for, are free to add to your account.
If you use more than 50 song credits, they are $10 for 10 songs going forward. 

Song credits are not used if you are transferring previously registered songs using our back-catalog transfer tool.

If you would like to see an overview of our platform, please watch this video demo!

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